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Posted by: winterdream Jul 17 2012, 06:34 AM
Piece of Heaven General Rules

Before you start posting, please read our general rules and familiarize yourself with them to avoid any warnings. Thank you!

1. No spamming.
- All replies need to contain at least 10 words.
- No 1-2 word replies. Text such as lol, haha or lmao doesn't count as words.
- Please also do not double post.

2. Respect.
- Do not bash any person or artist.

3. PG Rating only.
- Anything that seems to be too inappropriate for the eyes of a child should not be posted. We want this to be a safe environment for all.

4. No foul language.
- Again, we want this forum to feel safe to everyone, so please do not use fowl language.

5. Do not quote images.
- If you are responding to a topic and want to quote what someone said, remove the image from the quote.

6. English only.
- We want everyone to be able to participate in conversations and communicate, so please only use English. The only exception are global threads.

7. Do not use idol names as your username.
- This can confuse members. You may not use something such as "JungEunji" as your username. You may include idol names in your username if you want, as long as it is not solely their name. EX.: Eunjifan

8. Credit your sources.
- Anything you take from any source, please remember to post a link to the source as to credit them for their work.

9. Follow individual board rules.
- Each board has its own set of rules. They are pinned so you can find them easily. Quickly read them before posting.

10. Check index threads before starting new topics.
- Once we get our index threads up, please look at them before making a new topic to make sure that it hasn't already been created.

11. No Advertising.
- Strictly no advertising of sites for monetary gains of any kind, illegal downloads, junk sites and non-AOA related sites in the forum. Personal sites and blogs are allowed but will be subjected to moderation

Avatar & Signature Rules

1. Avatars must be 100x100px
2. Avatars must be under 100KB
3. Banners may not exceed 400x200px
4. Only up to 2 banners per signature
5. Banners must not exceed 250KB

*Additional rules may be added in the future.

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